Friday, June 20, 2008

So I wrote a song for my British Literature class. From the first time I heard this poem, I thought it would make for a great song, mostly because it's sad:). Anyhoo, here is my version of William Wordsworth's "The World Is Too Much With Us" and I hope you'll go and read the whole poem now.

My first block of classes is pretty much finished and I can really, truly say that I've been really, truly blessed. I am sooo grateful for all the goodness I've been able to encounter and partake of and participate in.

I had enough birdseed and origami paper and friends to help another friend out at his wedding. For free, when I was so broke.

I got a job that is so flexible, at which I can do my homework in the downtime, and is so simple I don't need to stress over it at all.

I've been able to visit friends and family so much and share in so many memories with them.

I've been able to make some new friends and meet some cool people.

Money has come when I've needed it most and at the best times...I'm so taken care of: consider the lilies (I looove that verse).

I've been able to do well in my classes thus far (knock on wood and don't wanna talk too soon as grades haven't been posted yet, yikes!).

I'll try to keep up on my positive postings and music and that's what I'd like to be more of anyhow: music and positivity :)