Sunday, July 13, 2008

So, let's see how this color does. I finished my first block of classes with a 3.46 GPA (that means I don't want to tell you that I earned a C+, so I'll make it sound like I didn't by quoting my GPA ha). No, but I really am lucky and grateful to have gotten that C+ and finally passed a class that I've taken probably 3 times before. I've also earned more than 30 credits now, so I'm officially a sophomore!!! Woo hoo! ha ha My college has also become a University in the meantime, so I have a little bit o' school spirit, too.

I went out a couple Saturdays ago determined to find a good used bike. I'm getting more and more frustrated by our dependence on gas and the oil companies and the governments being able to control the prices so blatantly. I've had it. So, I'm going back to good, old-fashioned, wind-in-your-hair-and-on-your-skin, me-powered bicycling. On my way to my first yard sale, I saw a sign across the street saying Bike Sale and four bikes parked out front. What the heck, I thought, and I pulled over and tried out the one that most appealed to me and happened to be the same brand as my last bike, which was very reliable, thank you very much. Well, I rode it around and it just felt nice and looked nice and I wanted it. I asked the price and 90 bucks was worth me driving around and looking at other yard sales, though all the while I was thinking of how this bike really clicked with me (and I'd promised myself I wouldn't buy a bike unless it really clicked). Finally, 2 hours later, I went back and talked them down 10 bucks. I'm sure my dad could have done better, but I'm grateful that I at least know a little about bartering, thanks to countless flea markets with my dad and yard sales with my mom and grandma. One of the benefits of growing up poor, I guess. :) I've been biking to work here and there, and I rode my bike to the movie theater the other night, but I'm determined to step it up a notch and ride it to my school. I took a test ride this afternoon and found that it only takes 20 minutes, and that includes a nice-sized hill (not too bad on the easiest gear ha) and only 5-10 minutes longer than it takes me via car, depending on the traffic. Provo actually has a lot of bike trails and lanes. Nice. I'm doing it tomorrow for real. I'd like to get to the point where I feel guilty about driving my beautiful little Corolla when I don't need to. I forgot how nice it feels to get your body in motion and I loooooove the immediate contact with the wind/breezes/trees hanging down low. Also, I forgot how awesome parking is on a bike: right up to the front door. So there's my biking rant and I encourage all to get out there and see what car trips they can't switch out for a bike trip.

I'm going to start recording a solo demo CD with David tomorrow night! I'm recording all my new songs and I was going to do it with a professional guy downtown, but I am broke and David has Garage Band, which is free. Plus, I get to make music with me old bandmate again! He is a musical, well I should say, artistic genius, by the way. I am grateful for this opportunity. Kudos to David for getting adjudicated this coming December!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

My little sister sidestepped a future heartache with an important and difficult decision. Kudos to my little sister and I am grateful for answered prayers and people who aren't afraid to speak up when people are needing to hear them. It's also important to not be the person who says too much (yeah, that's me).

Another little sister delivered a cute, loud :) little baby boy yesterday afternoon. Woo hoo!!! I am grateful that it all went safely and that she could have family there and that her husband could at least be there via speakerphone. She and the boys will get to visit him in 2 weeks and I can't imagine what it will be like when he sees his first child for the first time. Wow. My sister is resilient, dang.

I took a walk through Ikea with a friend this past week and looking at their model studios made me realize that I could live very efficiently and effectively in a small home built on a better-sized piece of land made more affordable by the smaller home. :) If I were really ambitious, I'd grow my own garden, too. Jest thinkin'...

I'm gonna end this post with a little Mormon mantra, and to those who don't believe, they're still good words to live by:
"Therefore, strengthen your brethren(and sistas) in all your conversation, in all your prayers, in all your exhortations, and in all your doings.''
That's from the D&C 108:7, if anyone's interested.

Peace out :)